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The gathering of information within this form is for the purpose of updating property owners contact information in our accounting system for mailings and billing related matters only. The information gathered will not be used for any other purpose or shared with any outside entity or firm.

This form is only for owners of lots within the jurisdiction of the Virginia City Highlands Property Owners, commonly know as the 1's or the VCHPOA.

1) Name of Legal Property Owner(s)

2) Address of Property located in the Virginia City Highlands

READ ME: If you cannot locate the street of your property in the list, you probably own property in the 10 acre association & this form isn't for you :-). If you're absolutely certain you live in the ones, but cannot find your street listed, please email us here

3) Current Mailing Address

If your mailing address is different than your property address in the Virginia City Highlands listed above, please fill out the fields below

4) Multiple Lot Owners

If you only own 1 lot/parcel, skip to section 5 and go to the next section. If you own more than one parcel, all the lot/parcels listed below will be connected to the mailing address you provided above. If you must have separate mailing addresses for the different parcels or have more than 4 lots, please call (775) 847-7000

5) Contact Information

The information requested below is not required but can very useful to the VCHPOA in case of a billing issue. Having a second method of communication with the property owner outside of tradition mail can be a big time saver in resolving matters.

Thank you for taking the time to update your contact information with the VCHPOA.



The VCHPOA Executive Board

Thanks for submitting your information!

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