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Required Items Needed for a Fencing Project

-  No Fees will be assessed by the VCHPOA for Fencing projects

-  Approval form (available at the meeting)

-  One (1) set of plans showing fencing project.

    *1 set of Plans on 8.5" X 11" paper ( For VCHPOA Records )

-  Samples of fencing style/material & color.


The EXAMPLES below do not in any way indicate preferred/approved styles, colors or building materials.

fence map.jpg

Plot Map

The Plot map is provided to show the perimeter area where the fence will be installed. It is highly suggested that fences are not constructed on the property line. If there is a dispute between property owners regarding property lines, a survey may be required to resolve the issue. All property line disputes are between the involved property owners, the VCHPOA has no jurisdiction on property line disputes.


Fence Style

Furnish a photo or drawing of the stye of fence to be installed.


Gate Style

If applicable, Furnish a photo or drawing of the stye of gate to be installed.

Paint-Sample-Bookmarks-1 copy.jpg

Color Samples

If you intend to paint the fence, furnish the VCHPOA apaint swatch of the color to be used.

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