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Required Items Needed for a New Build Approval

-  Checkbook to Pay Fees or Fees may be paid via credit card

-  Approval form (available at the meeting)

-  Two (2) sets of Construction plans showing elevation and roof pitches, plot plan 

    with all measurements, floor plans with square footage.

    *1 set of Construction Plans on 8.5" X 11" paper ( For VCHPOA Records )

    *1 set of Full Size Construction Plans ( Required by Storey County )

-  Colored pictures, brochures, or small folder size samples for all colors and

    textures to be used on exterior finishes and roofs.


The EXAMPLES below do not in any way indicate preferred colors or building materials.

lot-survey-shaded copy.jpg

Plot Map

The Plot Map is used to show the proposed location of your structure to ensure it meets the required setbacks.

Your specific Plot Map can be found included in your closing documents or you can obtain a copy of your Plot Map from the Storey County Planning Department


Elevations & Floor Plan

The elevations page shows what your structure will look like, including siding and roofing.

The Floor Plan page shows square footage and the general layout of the structure.


Construction Plans

The Construction Plans go into specific detail regarding outlet & electrical switch locations, plumbing locations other technical specifications related to your structure.

Paint-Sample-Bookmarks-1 copy.jpg

Paint Samples / Swatches

The paint/color samples typically cover the trim and body colors of the structure.


These samples can be actual paint swatches from a paint store or simply printed out on a color printer.


Roofing Style & Color Samples

The Roofing sample is to show the color of the roof & the type of roofing material being used.


It is preferred that these samples are printed out in full color on a sheet of paper. This allows for easier storage within our filing system.

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