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Required Items Needed for a Roofing Project

-  No Fees will be assessed by the VCHPOA for roofing projects

-  Approval form (available at the meeting)

-  Two (2) sets of Construction plans showing roofing project.

    *1 set of Construction Plans on 8.5" X 11" paper ( For VCHPOA Records )

    *1 set of Full Size Construction Plans ( Required by Storey County )

-  Samples of roofing style/material & color.


The EXAMPLES below do not in any way indicate preferred colors or building materials.


Roofing Plans

The construction plans are typically provided to the customer by the roofing contractor. Those same plans are what should be submitted to the VCHPOA & to Storey County


Roofing Style & Color Samples

The Roofing sample is to show the color of the roof & the type of roofing material being used.


It is preferred that these samples are printed out in full color on a sheet of paper. This allows for easier storage within our filing system.

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