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Required Items Needed for a Solar Panel Project Approval

-  Approval form (We do not provide electronic copies of this form. They are only available at the meeting)

-  Two (2) sets of plans

    *1 set of Plans on 8.5" X 11" paper ( For VCHPOA Records )

    *1 set of Digital Plans ( Required by Storey County )

      For more information, call the Storey County building Department (775)847-0966


Plot maps are only required for solar panel that will be mounted on the ground

lot-survey-shaded copy.jpg

Plot Map

The Plot Map is used to show the proposed ground location of the solar panels. Roof mounted panels do not require a plot map.

Your specific Plot Map can be found included in your closing documents or you can obtain a copy of your Plot Map from the Storey County Planning Department

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